Seventh Generation Studios is an architectural, planning, and interior design practice committed to
environmentally responsible design and solutions that meet the specific needs of the Client. The
primary focus of SGS is the design of public projects, including educational, community, and
recreational facilities. The firm has extensive experience preparing needs assessments, facility
programs and master plans that establish a firm foundation on which projects are designed and

Seventh Generation Studios places the welfare of our clients and communities first. We endeavor to
create a process for each project that allows the Owner and Stakeholders to be part of a dynamic
design team. SGS organizes projects in a way to encourage meaningful input from the client and all
team members early in the process when good ideas have the greatest potential to positively impact
the final design solutions. We respect and value the time spent and suggestions made by all

Our guiding concept to "consider the impact of every action on seven future generations" reinforces
the importance we place on environmentally and socially responsible design. We believe that our
schools and public buildings can be built to last well into the future by employing design and
construction principles that have timeless relevance and historic success.