Seventh Generation Studios was established in 2008 by founder and principal, Curt Ench, with the
intention of creating an architectural and design firm committed to providing environmentally
responsible solutions to our clients and communities. Our approach is to "consider the impact of
every action on seven future generations", an ethical tradition developed by Native Americans that
implores us to be good stewards of our planet and conscientious of the legacy we leave to those
who come after us.

SGS is formed arond the idea that the integration of planning, architecture, and interior design
results in buildings and facilities that function well from the larger site and master planning scale
down to the ergonomics of the work and living spaces. Broader design concepts that shape the
building forms and internal movement influence the finer spatial organization and workflow as these
different aspects are developed concurrently. The nature and character of the details are allow to
support and reinforce the overall design concepts, resulting in coherent and coordinated spaces.

Interior design and the specification and documentation of furniture and equipment are provided
under the direction of principal and co-founder, Mary Alexander. Our highly qualified staff is capable
of providing all aspects of design for your project, from site selection and master planning to the
finest interior details and finishes.